GXC Media enables users to interact with, learn about, and purchase objects they see in a video.  By simply tapping or clicking an object, the viewer can see the name of the selected object, a picture or video of the item, a brief description of it, and a link where the user can purchase the item.

As one might expect, the implications of this capability are substantial.  A daily bombardment of advertisements has desensitized the public from their existence, devaluing them to marketers.  GXC’s patent pending technology provides consumers with the opportunity to explore and purchase the products that are intriguing to them as they first see them.  When combined with our analytics suite, marketing strategies can be assessed to be far more targeted, cost-efficient, and effective than traditional means.


Additional Characteristics

Each digital media file contains a variety of production specified characteristics, such as playback options and view limits, as well as non-obtrusive advertisements and tracking data which allows us to determine how the media file was viewed and how effective the advertisements are.

GXC Media is agile, capable of running on any major PC utilizing Java as well as mobile operating systems. When accessed, GXC technology automatically detects what operating system is installed, making startup easy for even the most remedial consumers. Furthermore, GXC’s customizable media player is built into each video package so that there’s no need for GXC media to play through an external application.  Buttons (such as ‘Fast-forward’ or ‘Pause’) can be enabled or disabled depending on the purpose of the video, as well as expiration settings (ex. Video ‘X’ can be viewed online or offline from January 1, 2016 through February 28, 2016) and view limits (ex. Video ‘X’ can only be viewed a maximum of 1 time).  Numerous other security protocols were developed specifically for GXC to protect content creators’ intellectual property so that the download and distribution of files could be freely conducted.