GXC Education was developed with the goal of providing students around the world with inexpensive, high quality education while also providing universities with a secure, reliable, and agile learning alternative for online and massive open online courses (MOOCs).  The following benefits are available for standard courses:


Live Audio & Video Recording: GXC offers videographers for any & all courses, ensuring that each video recording is customized to the needs of the specific class. If videographers are not required, recording services can be done by university staff or students as part of a work-study program.

Included Post-Production Service: GXC freely offers post-production services, so there’s no need for professors or additional personnel to review, edit, and upload lecture recordings.

Downloadable: GXC does not utilize streaming, instead offering offline capabilities. GXC videos are designed to be downloaded for quick, easy access at any time. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for buffering or worrying during internet outages.

Powerful Copyright Controls: Originally designed for the entertainment industry, GXC takes pride in our ability to establish copyright controls through customized viewing restrictions and encoding practices.

No Login Required to View: With controls in place to protect university copyrights, there’s no need for students to log in separately to view course videos.

Hosting Services: At the client’s request, we will host and distribute GXC recordings at no additional cost.

Active & Static Object Highlighting: Static object highlighting allows GXC to draw attention to video objects by surrounding them with colored boxes. Active GXC highlights can be drawn to ‘fit’ a custom object shape and can be edited frame-by-frame to maintain motioned video flow.

Linkable In-Video Text Boxes: When highlights are scrolled over, a popup box will appear containing any of the following: an image, a short description, an image, and/or hyperlink.

Attachment of Documents: GXC files allow for course documents/handouts to be attached to the video and accessed from the media player. This allows for the consolidation of files; any digitized material pertaining to a specific class can be accessed from the video.

Chapter Markers: GXC manually sets chapter bookmarks for each topic presented, either according to the professor’s instructions or using the videographer’s best judgment.

Dropdown Text Notifications: Dropdown text briefly appears to inform viewers of a new chapter or to signify that they should refer to an attached document.

Self-Contained Playback Interface: GXC doesn’t need to be installed or require specialized codecs. It can be run on any OS utilizing Java.

Video-Specific Playback Options: GXC Playback buttons can be customized on an individual basis to meet certain needs. (Ex. Specialized Testing)

Viewer-made Note Taking: GXC offers individualized note taking abilities from users, effectively turning GXC recordings into an enhanced study tool

Advanced Analytics Collection: In addition to viewership information, GXC Analytics enables you to review the areas of the video students are watching most, which can affect professor evaluations and prompt changes to course material.

Access from Desire2Learn & Blackboard: GXC Videos can be supplement or supplant these digital platforms based off of an institution’s needs


Four Takeaways:

1) GXC offers the personnel and technology to provide students with a resource which allows for course material to be optimally reviewed

2) GXC is great for MOOCs because they grant the student flexibility to watch classes at any time according to their schedule, even w/ restricted internet access

3) Packaging course documents into the GXC video package improves organization and makes accessing files convenient

4) GXC files protect intellectual property through a combination of encodes and/or viewing limiters, allowing students to freely download course lectures