For an institution to be optimally viable, they must focus on their core competencies. Hiring specialized personnel and developing tools to aid in content retention is necessary to effectively prepare a workforce yet fall outside of most companies’ proficiencies.

GXC is proud to offer our expertise to arrange videography, transcription, and translation services to meet our clients’ unique needs. Regardless of scale, one can count on GXC to provide streamlined access to these services to compliment or supplement our patent protected platform.

The Process

After first surveying the area where a course will be recorded, clarifying the course structure, and verifying the equipment requirements for said space, a videographer will meet with the course instructor(s) before recording to clarify aspects of the lecture/demonstration to focus on and (as needed) ensure synchrony of multiple video streams. At the conclusion of a class, the videographer will upload the recording(s) along with any files the instructor provided to be associated with said video. The professor is free to upload recordings of his/her own, as well as documents not provided to the videographer at his/her leisure.

Once a class recording has been uploaded, the videographer will notify a transcriptionist who will prepare timed subtitles and upload them to the video. (Neural translations can be requested by students at this time.) Professional translations of presented material can then be provided as needed.