GXC avoids imposing licensing fees or data limits to simply accommodate diverse teaching styles and usage. We limit the cost of offering content on our platform to:

Data Storage:10¢ / GB per Month
Data Transfer:    20¢ / GB

As such, typical use of core LMS features (announcements, assignment creation / administration, grading, & message boards) totals less than $2 a student — per year — while watching an hour of high definition video with searchable subtitles, note sharing, and live chat totals just 20¢.

Scalable supplementary services are also available to institutions looking to scale offerings and relieve instructors of extraneous burdens. The following services are priced per hour of recorded content:

Videography (1 Cameraman):$150Timed Subtitling (3 Day Turnaround):$150Timed Subtitling (1 Day Turnaround):    $300Neural Translation (1 Language):$5

Note: Videography after the first hour is charged in half-hour increments. Expedited subtitling and professional translation services are available but must be arranged on a case-by-case basis due to variations in specialization, proofreading, and turnaround required. All data is cloud-hosted, so no on-premises servers or maintenance is necessary.